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You're getting some rather silly reviews on this video. Some of them commenting on the parts with text, like they've never heard of a silent movie. I thought it was pretty good. I love stuff about dreams and I think the dream where we've murdered someone and have to hide the evidence is a fairly common one albeit a very distressing one. Well done.

linda-mota responds:

I was talking about it with a friend and I swear some people are really weird with stuff and taking it seriously. I knew like 3 people who had murder dreams, I don't know the detail for it though.

This deserves a better score

I actually found this because I was looking to see if there were any Twin Peaks spoofs on this site (surprisingly there aren't really any).
Some really good humour in this, some of it reminded me a bit of monty python.
Good job man

Great stuff

Very smooth animation, that spider must have been a nightmare to animate! Very good job mate.
I'm glad you liked the track, it fits with this animation really well.

Fureimes responds:

I'm really glad you liked the animation mate, thnks... nahhh the nightmare was the fly, but yeah twas kinda tricky the spider, thnks

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Such a good game

I just completed this while I was working from home, really helped get through the day. Awesome game bro.

Great game

The controls feel super slick

Fuckin A!

Fuck yeah!

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Very nice, man. Don't know how much of this is you or how much is sampled, but it's put together well

doomshock responds:

All the lyrics are mine but the beat is from this kid named joey bada$$. Hes already famous

Great sound, I like the choice of drums.

Tzunami responds:

Thanks a lot.

I don't think this is really drum n bass, more like weird tripped techno. I like it though, lot's of experimentation. Those organ melodies sound like something from an 70's horror film, good stuff. Keep it up man.

hessproject responds:

yeah I wasn't entirely sure what to call it, since it's not like what I usually make. But I changed it now.

but thank you!

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You've got some skills

This is very good. I'd like to shake you firmly by the moustache.

It looks like an evil goblin version of you

there's some similarity in the facial features. ah right, sorry, just noticed is says semi-self portrait. Very cool picture. I cannot wait for the meadow man.

I'm Tom Olive, I make music, I draw and occasionally I animate.

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